Adding Healthy Habits Into Your Life

Sara K. Larsen - Wednesday, February 26, 2014

When it comes to lifestyle changes, it is easier to add than subtract. When I'm trying to stop a bad habit, if I don’t fill an old negative habit with something new and positive, I end up reverting back to the old habit. If you start by focusing on the positive things you can add to your life, you'll be a lot more likely to make a healthy change last. 

I used this technique when I wanted to take better care of myself and stop emotional eating. Instead of thinking about all the things I wanted to change at once, I focused on adding a few healthy habits I would enjoy. 

When you think positive about making lifestyle changes, all the positives will fill up your life and there won't be much room left for the negative things. 

A few healthy habits you can add to your life today:
Go for a walk with a friend.
Get more sleep.
Eat more fruits and vegetables you love.
Add lemon to your water for some flavor.
Take a break in the afternoon to stretch.
Find a fun exercise class at the gym.

I challenge you to focus on the good things you want to add to your life instead of the bad things you want to remove. It’s a lot more sustainable and a heck of a lot more fun. 

What do you want to add more of to your life?