Find Time for Exercise

Sara K. Larsen - Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Squeezing in just a few minutes of exercise a day has huge benefits on your health. Whenever my schedule gets crazy, exercise is the first thing that goes out the door. I recently found myself saying I don't have time to workout, but the truth is that I do have time. We can tell ourselves that we don't have time to workout, but what we are really saying is that something else is more important. 

When you are really busy, exercise doesn't have to happen in the gym or last an hour. Short 10-15 minute bursts of exercise, accumulated over the course of the day can be just as beneficial. Here's how to start fitting exercise into your busy day:

  • Do 10-15 minutes of yoga or stretching right when you get out of bed.
  • Log off Facebook. Limit your time aimlessly scanning Facebook and use that time to go for a walk or do a quick strength training routine at home.
  • Do 10-20 sit-ups and 10-20 push-ups every commercial break while watching TV.
  • Do standing push-ups while waiting for a pot to boil. 
  • After dinner, go outside and play basketball with your kids. 
  • Incorporate exercise into your daily commute. If you live close enough, consider biking to work. If you have a long drive, park far away and walk a few blocks. 
  • Make it social. Instead of grabbing a glass of wine with a friend go for a long walk to catch up.

How do you make time to exercise during your busy day?