Spring Vegetable Challenge

Sara K. Larsen - Monday, March 10, 2014

Ahh… Spring should be here soon. The days are now getting longer and the temperatures are rising, and we are all probably sick of eating the same winter vegetables. Enter the bounty of Spring vegetables!


To celebrate Spring, I’m starting a Spring Vegetable Challenge. I’m challenging my clients, readers, and myself to get excited about eating healthy by experimenting with something new from the produce aisle each week. I’m going to share my in-season vegetable, recipes, and experience with you.


Here’s a list of some Spring vegetables to try:



·      Artichokes

·      Asparagus


·      Belgian Endive

·      Broccoli

·      Butter Lettuce

·      Cactus

·      Chayote Squash

·      Chives

·      Collard Greens

·      Corn

·      Fava Beans

·      Fennel

·      Fiddlehead Ferns

·      Green Beans

·      Morel Mushrooms

·      Mustard Greens

·      Pea Pods

·      Peas

·      Purple Asparagus

·      Spinach

·      Spring Baby Lettuce

·      Swiss Chard

·      Vidalia Onions

·      Watercress


My challenge to you is to try a new Spring vegetable each week. Make an effort to push yourself, family, and friends to eat something new and you may find yourself wanting to continue the weekly routine when the next season rolls around.


My first experiment will be coming later in the week.


Which Spring vegetables would you like to try?