Stay Healthy During the Holidays

Sara K. Larsen - Saturday, December 21, 2013

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I'm happy you are here and I'm just going to jump right in to talking about health and fitness.

The holidays can be a tricky time. It's a fabulous time of year - lights, decorations, time with friends and family, but it also means parties and lots of food. I'm here to help and share my top tips for staying healthy during the holidays. 

•  Do not skip regular meals. As tempting as it may be to skip out on your regular meals so you can indulge on the bad stuff, it will likely backfire and cause you to eat double what you normally would have. You will only fool your body into thinking it is starving and end up consuming far more than you had intended. Instead focus on having three smaller meals loaded with lots of fruits and vegetables and leafy greens. This will give your body what it needs while still allowing you to indulge a little bit with all the holiday goodies. Remember, moderation is key.

•  Stay hydrated. Make sure you are drinking lots of water. This will help you feel full longer and also keep your immune system functioning properly. It is especially important to keep hydrated in the winter when we are exposed to all the indoor heated air. 

•  Try making your favorite snack in a healthier version.

This can be a fun experiment that gives you a chance to try out some new foods. You can try  adding honey or agave nectar to your recipe instead of sugar or try adding quinoa instead of rice. Play around with the recipe and find what works for you but most importantly have some fun in your kitchen.

•  Maintain a regular exercise routine. As with any time of year having a regular exercise routine is vitally important to maintain good overall health. This time of year is the perfect time to join a walking or running group or maybe to find a gym partner. Having a group or partner to exercise with is very helpful in staying motivated and staying on track. It also makes exercise a lot more fun when your friends join you. 

•  Practice Moderation. I know it can be tempting to just have one more dessert and I can understand the temptation, but I also know a little bit can go a long way. Moderation is key. It doesn't mean you should deprive yourself of the things that are tempting you, but it does mean taking one bite at a time and truly tasting and enjoying your food.

Staying healthy during the holidays doesn't have to be a struggle. If you find you are struggling you could try to keep a food diary to not only log what you are eating daily but to also work out any feelings you may be experiencing that could be causing stress in your life.

Happy Holidays! Enjoy this time to the fullest!