How To Stop The What-The-Hell Attitude

Sara K. Larsen - Friday, June 12, 2015

A big obstacle that gets in the way of reaching our goals is when we have the what-the-hell attitude. The what-the-hell attitude usually happens when our plans change, we miss a workout or we have an extra treat. It’s basically when you’re tempted to slip away from your healthy living lifestyle and go back into your old habits. It happens to all of us. Whether it is giving up on healthy eating, giving up on our exercise program, our self care program or giving up on any of our goals, we start to slip and we end up going completely overboard. 

You tell yourself that you’re going to the gym tomorrow morning but you skip it, what the hell, why not also overeat on your favorite pizza at lunch too?

It doesn’t matter what your goal is. If you break it for the day, you feel justified in breaking it even more. Because if the day is ruined, then you may as well keeping going and start fresh tomorrow, next week, or next month. 

To try to avoid this, most people think that it will be best to make themselves feel guilty, but this is actually why we turn to the what-the-hell attitude in the first place. When we feel guilty about breaking our goal for the day - diet or otherwise - we seek out a way to feel better about ourselves. 

To avoid this fate, you must do just the opposite - forgive yourself! 

When we forgive ourselves, we are able to think more rationally about the situation. We’re able to see if for what it is - one slip. Think about what you would tell your best friend if they slipped. Would you make them feel guilty or would you be there to support them?

The people who learn to forgive themselves take their slips as a lesson on the journey to achieving their goals. Show yourself some love and compassion. Learn from the slips and jump back into your healthy lifestyle. 

Do you struggle with the what-the-hell attitude? How do you forgive yourself when you slip up?