Tips to Make a Healthier Recipe

Sara K. Larsen - Wednesday, October 08, 2014

I’m always looking for ways to make my favorite foods healthier without sacrificing flavor. The following tips will help you limit the amount of sugar, fat, and calories in the recipes you make. Have fun experimenting and trying new foods!

Instead of this:

Try using this:


·      White flour

        Whole wheat flour

·      Butter


·      Heavy cream

       Evaporated skim milk

·      Bread crumbs

       Crushed fiber cereal

·      Sugar


·      Tortilla wraps

       Lettuce leaves

·      Vegetable oil

        Mashed bananas

·      Cookies

        Graham crackers

·      Chocolate chips

       Cacao nibs

·      Pasta

        Zucchini noodles

·      Rice

        Steamed cauliflower

·      Instant oats

        Steel-cut oatmeal

·      Chips


·      Canned fruit

       Fresh fruit

·      Candy

        Dark chocolate

·      French fries

       Sweet potato fries

·      Sour cream

        Greek yogurt

·      Cheese

        Nutritional yeast

·      Croutons


·      Salt

       Garlic or herbs

·      Store bought dressing

        Homemade salad dressing

·      Bottled juice or tea

       Unsweetened iced tea

Let me know if you try any of these substitutes - I'd love to hear how it goes!